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Virtual Receptionists | Virtual Assistants | Website & Graphic Design | Accounting

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Time To Live Your WHY

We’ll help run the business while you do what you love

Many business owners start with the best intentions. You want to help people, improve your industry, provide better service than anyone out there, be a great boss or maybe just feel challenged. Until one day, when you no longer have enough time to be “Chief Everything Officer”. Things start falling through the cracks. Customers begin to take notice, and you witness more and more missed opportunities.

What’s the solution? Hire an employee? More often than not, you may be in a position where your business is big enough to need the help, but not quite big enough to afford it. That’s where we come in; a full-service back office support team of virtual receptionists and assistants that you can leverage at a fractional rate because you only pay for what you need and actually use. You’ll get all of the advantages and benefits of having your own experienced staff, without the risk or liability of hiring employees – no productivity downtime, no workers comp, no unemployment insurance, no sick days, no employer taxes, and no layoffs or terminations.

Now you can focus on growing your business by doing what you do best, and what you love most—all while providing the exceptional customer service experience you intended to from the beginning. Scroll to learn more, or click the button below to visit with us and determine if we’re a right fit for each other.



You’re a small business and every expense counts. The Service Center’s invaluable value proposition is that we clear the way for you to live your why, and our business model allows it to happen affordably without skimping on quality. By simply removing the stresses and burdens of running the back office, you’ll find more passion and pleasure again in the work you do while your customers benefit from the results. In addition to having more joy in your work, we can also quantify the values of having:

– Reliable Customer Acquisition Process No more customers falling through the cracks. When every call is answered, every opportunity is captured

– Higher Customer Conversion Rates when providing exceptional customer service and following up with everyone effectively

– Longer Client Retention Rates current clients and customers are far less likely to switch if you’re taking good care of them

– More 5 Star Reviews when you incorporate our processes for following up with clients and asking for reviews

– More Referrals when implementing our processes for asking for referrals

– Save Thousands of dollars per year when comparing the cost of how many employees it would take to do the same amount of work we can do

Members of The Service Center know that we’re the solution for growing their small business because we provide unparalleled value at an affordable rate. They also know through experience that we operate by the same high standards of communication, transparency, professionalism, competence and dedication that we ourselves expect as business owners and consumers. And we do it well.

How it Works

1. Where To Begin…

Learn about our different Services to help determine which are right for you. Not sure what you need? Click below to schedule a call with us and we’ll get you on the right track.


2. Select Desired Services

Once you’ve determined which services are the right fit for your business needs, you’ll be prompted to go through the checkout process and enter your information.

3. Implementation Meeting

After checkout is complete, we’ll send you a link to schedule a virtual meeting with your implementation specialist, where we’ll build the custom scripts, processes and begin training our team to handle all of your business needs.

4. Take a Breather

Once we’re underway, you can feel confident knowing that you’ve got an entire team supporting your business so you don’t miss out on giving your customers the best experience possible, and you’re doing it under budget!

Don’t just take our word for it.

Become a member of The Service Center today to consistently and exponentially grow your business.


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Become a member of The Service Center today to consistently and exponentially grow your business.


Click to download our Services Guide