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Success in Business – What Does it Mean?

Success is no accident.

While everyone views success differently, we all have a firm grasp of what “failed” looks like. Most failures blame their circumstances on everything else but themselves. Environment, stock market, so-and-so who did/didn’t do such-and-such to them, and more – always the victim, never the victor. Yet the same people, if they were suddenly (and magically) blessed with instant success, would take all the credit. Fail or succeed, it’s your choice… both are hard roads to travel, but only one is done with intentional action. The other, can be easily found by unintentional or subconscious action (or lack thereof).

Start small. Think Big.

The best advice that I ever took was from Zig Ziglar who wrote in his book, See you at the Top, “Take a big of a step as you can, but take it now.” We often, as business owners and solopreneurs, get (what has been so aptly named) “analysis paralysis” when we overthink the steps necessary to achieve what we feel is success. While it’s important to dream big, and remove all limitations in our own minds; it’s also MORE important to start. Start somewhere, anywhere! Just start. Take a step today, as big of a step as you can, but take it… now.

  • Never stop learning – With the advancements in technology, communication, travel, medicine and more… it’s a wonder and a mystery that so many people in this world remain ignorant to the vast array of knowledge literally surrounding them. The power to learn everything in our universe – all the books ever written, the sermons ever spoken, the songs ever sung, music ever composed, pictures ever taken and experiences ever shared are literally in the palm of your hand. Yet, what do we do with such awesome power? Wielding in your hand the greatest power of education and learning the world has ever known, how do we as a society exploit it’s gifts? By watching silly cat videos and dash cam videos of car crashes, that’s how.

    Take time each day to further your experience, education, general knowledge, skills, behaviors, habits, and more. Never. Stop. Learning.

  • Experience is undervalued – Never underestimate the power of experience. People will continuously surprise you if you give them the chance to excel.

  • Be courageous – Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is being in the presence of fear, doubt, danger and dismay and continuing onward regardless, not giving in to the negative and persevering through it into success.

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