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What Do Successful Business Owners Do?

Practice the 4 “_____ation’s”…

Let’s discuss the power of the 4 “_____ation’s”… Automation, Innovation, Delegation and Elimination.

  • AutomationAutomation is a powerful tool in business and key to the success of any growing organization. With thousands of different software tools out there to choose from, it’s difficult to effectively set up the right process on your own. Using automation experts, such as those at The Service Center, can really help you set up your systems and processes for automation and ultimately success!

  • IntegrationIntegration and automation go hand in hand. Along with automation, utilizing various tools to integrate your processes together will help save you lots of time and money. For example… some calendars can be integrated with your CRM or email campaigns. When you’re building your processes and systems with automation in mind, be sure to select the software programs that easily integrate with your current tools (or be prepared to replace them with ones that do).

  • Delegation – Whether you delegate to an employee, a spouse, or outsource entirely; identify tasks that are non-revenue generating or simple but time consuming tasks that can be easily delegated to other individuals. Phone calls are the number one inconvenience to most small business owners, and often they’re not in the best position to be answering the phone when it rings. Having an answering service, like The Service Center, can greatly increase your effectiveness while on the job, while never missing another potential client to a missed call.

  • Elimination – When you can’t do anything else to increase efficiency, look for things that you simply don’t need or use and eliminate them. The time distractions, and time wasters.

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