When we say we offer full-service support, we mean it. Our revolutionary business model is designed to take care of every administrative, and back-office aspect of your business. We typically start by answering phones, text messages, web chats and emails because that’s where most small business are losing opportunities to contact customers and convert leads into sales, inhibiting their growth potential.

Next, we’ll move into other administrative roles such as virtual assistants, accounting/bookkeeping, website design and maintenance, social media management and advertising, funnel creation, CRM management (including sending birthday and holiday cards for clients), loyalty rewards programs, legal services, business planning, group benefits, health insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, credit card processing, buy/sell agreements, event planning, technology management and more. There’s really no limit to what we can do vs. a full-time staff (and beyond!)

We were created by small business owners, for small business owners. Specifically, the trade services. We cater to any self employed professional or small business, but we work best with those teams of 1-50 employees who have grown to a point where they NEED a part time or full-time receptionist, but don’t want to have to hire, train, manage, insure, and pay for a full-time employee. Since we are a fraction of the cost, we are a great fit for those businesses to help bridge that gap and grow to a point where they’re in a comfortable position to hire a full-time employee later on, in which case we still service their customers after-hours.

Our main industries are plumbers, electricians, hair stylists, massage therapists, cleaning companies, real estate agents, web designers, graphic designers, sales people, personal trainers, contractors, builders, disaster cleanup companies, restaurant owners (not the restaurant itself), chiropractors, law firms, attorney groups, dental service operations (not dental offices), HVAC companies, micro-gyms and fitness centers, hair and beauty salons and barber shops,  butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, etc. Anyone who, when working with their hands or meeting with people, can’t, wont or shouldn’t be answering their phone.

We service businesses anywhere in the United States and Canada who receive calls from the US and Canada.

All our agents are located in the Northwestern United States and we do not subcontract with any other call centers in any other countries. This means your callers will be able to clearly understand every word without any language barriers.

Our price per minute starts as low as $0.49, up to $0.99 depending on your package, whereas our competitors are usually three or four times as much. Why so low? We have built our business around the work-from-home model and 100% of our staff telecommute. Meaning we have no big buildings to operate, and no expensive overhead. We pass those savings onto you, instead of pad our pockets.

We have three to six agents on each team, and your business will be grouped with a few others and assigned to one team. This ensures that you will always have the same one to three agents answering the calls for you. This allows them to develop a familiarity with your business and your clients, providing a better service than a company who bounces your calls around a pool of hundreds or even thousands of agents.

Implementation is completed in as little as an hour. Need changes made to you script, account settings, call routing or more? We will make changes in real time by simply calling our help desk, or email them to us and have them uploaded in a few minutes.

Implementation and Training: You’ll interact with your implementation manager as you would your own secretary. They’ll work one-on-one with you to get all the training needed to take care of your business and then remain your point of contact for the life of your account.

Your office building’s answering service may sound impersonal as they do nothing but take a message. We use a highly sophisticated script and call answering software so we sound as if we were sitting in your office as your own secretary. You also have the ability to provide custom training to our agents who will learn unique processes for service your business. Not to mention, we operate 7 days a week 6am to 10pm Mountain Standard Time. What time does your office building’s assistant go home?

No, you can certainly continue to use your existing phone. We will simply provide a local or toll-free number for you to forward calls to, either conditionally (when you can’t answer) or unconditionally (24/7). The majority of our clients choose to use their existing number for marketing and advertising on their websites and social media, and not give out the number we assign them. In some exceptions, there may be a need to track separate marketing campaigns or perhaps you own multiple businesses and want to distinguish the calls that come from each. In which case you can use the numbers we assign you as your business line. When we do any outbound calling we can use your existing phone number as the caller ID that your customers see.

Our standard packages cover 7 days per week from 6 am to 10 pm MST. Holiday rates will apply for the six Major holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas day, and New Year’s Day. We are available to work holidays for $3-6 per requested hour (depending on your package subscription and overall demand). Compare that to having an employee at double-time pay!

No long-term contracts! We will have you sign a service agreement, but the length of our terms are day to day. If you want to stop service just let us know and your services will be stopped immediately, and an invoice will be created for the time used up to that point.

The more minutes you use, the less per minute you will spend. This is exactly the opposite of our competitors that like to throw on overage charges, or even charge you for the time that your callers are on hold waiting for them to answer! You see, we automatically bump you up to the next package when you reach a certain threshold and reduce the price per minute – saving you money!

Our headquarters are in Boise, Idaho, and receptionists all currently reside in the Northwestern United States. Customer Service Agents work from home, and all calls are monitored and recorded to ensure excellent quality.

Yes! Let us know if you expect a need for Spanish receptionists and we will assign our bilingual team to handle your calls. For any other languages, please consult your sales representative. We do have a subscription to a translation hotline that adds a small fee onto each call.

Most clients prefer to have them answered by our internal voicemail systems, where calls are returned by our agents on the next business day. Other options include transferring to a 3rd party (like your cell phone), or have a directory greeting message that the caller can select an emergency option to be transferred to someone on-call by pressing a certain button.

Yes! And there is no added cost for outbound calls. It’s billed at the same rate per minute as dictated by your plan. We can help you create outbound sales campaigns, appointment scheduling, reviews and referral creation campaigns, and more. You’re responsible for providing the lists (or we can do the data entry for you at the special project rate), and complying with the National Do Not Call Registry. We will track the metrics such as number of calls made, people reached, appointments set, and follow up to see which appointments resulted in closed business. This will accurately show how much your return on investment truly is. Tracking is essential! We DO NOT perform outbound calls for sales campaigns in exchange for commissions. We only accept a per-minute rate for outbound calls.

That all depends on how many calls you get, or projects you hire us for! Our smallest plans are as low as $99 per month and $0.99 per minute. The higher your call volume, the more you’ll pay for a base rate, but lower cost per minute, as low as $0.49 per minute. On average, our solopreneur clients pay between $200 and $350 per month total. Small business clients range from $350 to over $1,500 depending on call volume. When compared to the cost of an employee, you will get far more efficient work done at a fraction of the cost! We have a 100% productivity and efficiency promise!

Other contact centers that offer 24/7 service are charging you for burning the midnight oil, when in reality very few calls come in during that 10pm to 6am shift. By closing during those hours, we keep our overhead lower. Also, since most of our agents work from home, our office overhead is non-existent. We built our business model after a shared-cost approach so you’re essentially partnering with our other businesses and spreading out the cost of a full-time employee. But, instead of a larger fixed amount… you’re paying a smaller base rate and your fair share for the minutes that you use.

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Become a member of The Service Center today to consistently and exponentially grow your business.


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