Small Business – Plus+

$199.00 / month and a $199.00 sign-up fee

For Small Businesses and Sales Teams

  • Live Inbound Receptionist
  • Live outbound calling
  • Voicemail return service
  • Limited script customization options
  • Two-Way SMS text messaging
  • CRM management and scheduling (we also integrate with most existing CRMs)
  • Up to 5 automated tasks

Downgrade to Solopreneur for a lower cost alternative


The Small Business Plus+ is designed for the teams who have grown to a point where they’re big enough that they really need the help, but still small enough where it’s tough to hire a full time office staff. We understand the cost, commitment and liability that comes with hiring office staff. We can help bridge that gap so you can focus your hard earned income into things like marketing, sales staff, equipment and other things that will get a higher return – and sooner. Our Small Business Plus+ package will take care of the majority of your customer service needs. The next step may be bookkeeping, payroll or taxes. And for that, we go to accounting.

$199 per month base rate gives you access to our live receptionists Monday through Saturday 6am to 10pm for inbound (8am to 9pm for outbound calling)

An additional $0.99 per minute for connected calls. (Excludes time spent waiting in queue, abandoned calls, hangups, solicitors) Also includes time spent leaving voicemails.

$199 sign-up fee covers script building, training and implementation. Also includes unlimited changes for the first 30 days.

See also our Solopreneur package for a lower cost alternative and a basic setup.

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